Bridal Hair & Makeup

Bridal Services are provided by Dallas Merkley.  Prior to your event you will have a 1-on-1 appointment at the studio to plan & run through your desired look. We will discuss all the details of your wedding to ensure your final look reflects not only your beauty, but your overall theme of the day. Once your big day arrives Dallas will come to your location & recreate your look while you enjoy a relaxing morning with your bridal party. Before Dallas leaves she will ensure you are photo ready by leaving you with a personal touch up kit & making any last minute adjustments.

Bridal Party Hair & Makeup

We can't leave out the bridal party! Dallas will create a look unique to each bridesmaid to ensure she looks & feels her absolute best, too! Most timelines allow for Dallas to provide all of the services requested. Occasionally the case differs & we are required to add additional artists to help out with the remaining services. In EVERY case, we do our best to assure the artists used are capable of providing services of the same quality, style, & price range. There is a 5 service minimum (including the bride) for most weddings. Don't forget mom!  Please inquire for specific details.


Hair + Makeup + Photography

"The Complete Package"

Dallas & MacCoy have been married since May 2014.  After their wedding they fully understood the stress associated with searching for vendors.  Their dream was to find a way to combine careers so they could work side-by-side & make other engaged couples lives easier at the same time. Within a few short months the newlyweds began providing full day wedding services as a team & never looked back. Dallas now has a deeper understanding of the way makeup reflects in photography & how much the minor details truly DO make a difference. MacCoy has mastered has skill in attention to light & detail while still capturing the beauty & story of the overall day. Aside from capturing lasting memories, the duo has a reputation of providing lots of laughs & ensuring the memories of your big day are impossible to forget. Contact either Dallas or MacCoy for more information!


Our Wedding - May 24, 2014 - Sara Vandepas Photography

Our Wedding - May 24, 2014 - Sara Vandepas Photography